Build Better Live Happier General Contracting can turn your New Jersey kitchen into a modern, elegant space for your cooking, dining and refreshment needs. We specialize in complete remodels, designing a kitchen that is both utilizable and cost effective. By having a general contractor design your kitchen you can save a lot of money and negate up charges. We know how to best utilize your existing plumbing, gas and electrical layouts and work to minimize cost to you in a redesign. A modernized kitchen not only adds beauty, it’s more energy efficient. Upgraded appliances and design can save you money while increasing the value of your home, both financially and through aesthetic appeal.


Searching for Bathroom remodeling in New Jersey? Create the perfect space for relaxation and rejuvenation with a redesigned bathroom. The right colors, materials and design elements can make this one of the most coveted rooms in your home. Build Better Live Happier General Contracting will design a relaxing space to pamper yourself in. Just as with kitchens, working with a general contractor to design your bathroom will save you money through efficient layout and design work, while negating any potential problems. A luxuriant environment need not break the bank! Let Build Better Live Happier design your space and indulge your relaxation dreams.


Are you ready for more living space? Build Better Live Happier General Contracting can increase the value and comfort of your home through a home addition. Perhaps you want a sunroom to enjoy the beautiful days of summer without the heat, bugs or humidity? Maybe it’s time for a family room to support your entertaining needs. Would you like your own personal space for rest and relaxation? We can do all of this and more. Whatever you can imagine, we can design and build for you. Bring your ideas to the Build Better Live Happier team of experts and we’ll help you plan and design the best layout imaginable for your home addition. We use top quality building materials to give you peace of mind on your investment while creating the most luxurious and comfortable living space possible.

Basement Remodeling

Build Better Live Happier General Contracting can transform your basement and fulfill your lifestyle needs. A well-designed plan can turn the large extra space of a basement into a special room for your entertaining, relaxation or living needs! Your options are only limited to your dreams. Add additional living space to your New Jersey home by finishing out your unused or underused basement. Over the years we have turned full and partial basements into usable and valuable living spaces.